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TER developed a new tool in 2022 called the net zero vehicle emission model (n0vem).

This new tool fully incorporates COPERT Australia v1.3.5 (ICEVs) but expands GHG emission estimation to include non-ICEV vehicle technology, i.e. HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs. It also considers emission and energy efficiency improvements for all fundamental vehicle technologies out to 2060.  The n0vem tool estimates emissions, energy use and fuel use for almost 10,000 current and future vehicle technology classes.

n0vem considers different weight and size categories, which is important for accurate assessment of energy use, fuel use and emissions. It estimates GHG emissions (CO2, CH4, N2O, BC ), fuel consumption (petrol, E10, diesel, LPG, hydrogen ) and energy/electricity use (kWh consumed).

Two million emission factors (g/km), fuel use factors (g/km, MJ/km) and electricity/energy use factors (Wh/km) are generated by n0vem. These factors are generated for different operational conditions and emission aspects and include speed dependencies (e.g. congestion impacts), hot running emissions and additional greenhouse gas emissions due engine start, air-conditioning use, engine oil and vehicle emission control (e.g. SCR).

n0vem publications can be found here.

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