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We are not your typical engineering or consultancy company

TER is specialised in the analysis, assessment and prediction of fuel consumption, electricity consumption, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutant emissions from the transport sector (road, rail, air, sea).

This is all we do.


We love numbers and the story they tell. We take pleasure in presenting information clearly and in an insightful way. We are driven by a passion to provide high quality, sound, impartial, independent and evidence-based advice to our clients.

TER operates as a research organisation, including regular publications in international scientific journals, making information freely available to anyone with an interest in transport emissions.


TER operates with integrity, does not over-promise
and maintains a strong focus on quality, efficiency and attractive pricing.

TER provides research and consultancy services such as:

  • emission measurements

  • development of emission estimation methods, tools and software

  • detailed simulation of the on-road fleet (past, present, future)

  • future scenario development

  • estimation of transport emissions, fuel consumption and energy use

  • emission factors, fuel use (fossil, hydrogen, e-fuels, bio-fuels),
    electricity and energy use factors

  • forecasting and scenario modelling

  • technology impact assessment
    (electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hybrids, etc.)

  • policy impact assessment

  • well-to-wheel (WTW) and lifecycle impact assessment (LCA)

  • on-site or on-line training courses

  • expert witness (legal cases).

The TER team provides answers to policy and research questions using
fit-for-purpose and advanced research skills:

  • scientific literature review

  • emission measurements (design of experiment, test protocols, implementation, analysis and reporting)

  • prediction methods and algorithm, tool + software development
    using different platforms

  • statistical data analysis and visualisation

  • geo-spatial data analysis and visualisation

  • scientific literature review

  • independent review of third party reports.

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