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If you need scientifically sound expert advice...

​TER provides independent research, consultancy and tool development services
with a strong focus on greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions from transport.


A selection of services:

  • estimation of transport emissions, fuel consumption and energy use

  • emission factors and scaling factors

  • emission forecasting and scenario modelling

  • technology impact assessment (electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hybrids, etc.)

  • policy impact assessment

  • AFM: simulation of the on-road fleet mix (past, present, future)

  • on-site or on-line training courses (e.g. COPERT Australia, PDP)

The company provides evidence-based answers using advanced research skills:

  • in-depth and comprehensive literature review

  • emission measurement advice

  • statistical data analysis

  • model (algorithm) and tool/software development

  • geospatial data analysis

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